Friday, 2 August 2013

My Child Is Struggling with Learning

We understand how concerned and confused you may be if your child is struggling in school, and you’re worried that it might be due to a learning disability (LD). You’ve already taken a big, proactive step by simply visiting our website. To learn about the next steps on your "LD journey," check out our helpful videos, checklists, articles, and more below.
Struggling in School-Stage 1

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Smart Children with Learning Disabilities

Smart Children with Learning Disabilities:

If your child is not doing well in school as they should or as they have the potential to they may be having a learning disability. Paying attention to what these children do is crucial.
A learning disability means having a normal intelligence but a problem in one or more areas of learning.
Learning disabilities can affect many areas:
§  Speech- Problem in listening and speaking.
§  Reading- Difficulties in decoding, recognising and understanding words.
§  Problems of writing, spelling and organising ideas.
§  Problems doing mathematics and understanding basic concepts.
§  Problem in reasoning and putting thoughts together.
§  Problems remembering facts and simple instructions.
§  They have problems socializing and making friends. Especially handling frustrations.
§  Problem In physical coordination example running , jumping, skipping, writing, clapping. Some have difficulties in Organization. Example time and order.
§  They also have problems in metacognition.
·         Bright Children with learning disabilities often have special talents in one of these
o   Performing Arts.
o   Visual arts.
o   Engineering.
o   Architecture.
·         Sadly these subjects are not valued in school the way reading and writing is.Hence making these children feel stupid.

What is your understanding of Learning Disability?

A learning Disability it is not a curse, neither is it laziness. It is A condition giving rise to difficulties in acquiring knowledge and skills to the normal level expected of those of the same age. They are smart children. Their understanding is not in the normal classroom arrangement.

Bright Children with learning disabilities often have special talents in one of these
o   Performing Arts.
o   Visual arts.
o   Engineering.
o   Architecture.
Sadly these subjects are not valued in school the way reading and writing is.Hence making these children feel left out.
Some of the world success stories of people with learning disabilities include:
ü  Walt Disney- He is known to have struggled with learning disabilities.
ü  Albert Einstein
ü  Thomas Edison
ü  Tommy Hilfiger- Designer
ü  Whoopi Goldberg- Actress
ü  Nelson Rockefeller-Vice president, and many more.
Someone believed in these great leaders, let us believe and give these children a chance to excel in life.

What Tuleane Afrika Initiative Foundation does is:
o   Nature and honour their Talent and strength: we take charge of their. It is important to us not to put their talent on hold till they catch up with the academics. Some children are slow in the beginning of their school years then catch up as they proceed. At these points they go back to the mainstream classes and continue with their academics. While others are purely vocational. We assist them in their gifts and nature them.
o   We work on their compensation strategy e.g. using calculators, books on tape, computers and other Intensive use of technologies craft Silicon.
o   Provide a social and Emotional support.
o   We ensure the right environment:
o   We help these gifted children help themselves, By teaching them met skills and self-management. Tuleane Afrika teaches them how to cope with difficulties they may face in life and lead them through problem solving sessions.
o   Provide counselling support

Go Green! Smart Children with Learning Disabilities join in the quest to GO GREEN! Join us! Fund us!

THE GO GREEN DREAM; by the Go Green Dream Team.
Mission: Green Kenya, Clean Kenya
Vision: Our Go Green Dream vision is to nature holistic children with learning disabilities to be innovative and creative green Leaders in a fast changing future.

The Tuleane Afrika Initiatives, Go Green Dream Team embraces the environment and has joined in with the greening Kenya initiative to works towards making Kenya a better and greener place.
Our Dream to Green Kenya encompasses all cultures across the country.
These Smart Children with learning disabilities have a chance to voice their opinions regarding the environment. This initiative also gives them an opportunity to integrate back into the society and also have the chance to change the world.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Welcome to Tuleane Africa Initiative.

Tuleane Afrika Initiative (TAI) is a special education organization set up to bridge the existing gap in provision of quality special & vocational education for children with mild learning disabilities (MLD) in Kenya & Beyond.  

TAI is engaging students with Intellectual disabilities the opportunity of being integrated back into society after attaining the age of 15 years and above whilst partnering with county council schools to provide individualized education plans for each child to help them attain their goals in life. 

TAI is collaborating with vocational colleges that train in Woodwork, Ceramics, Cosmetology, Home Economics, Horticulture, and Information Technology who are then inducted into apprenticeships and industrial attachments.